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Cedar Bluebird House


The Copper Spade Cedar Bluebird House is made with rot-resistant North American premium red cedar and stainless steel rust-free finishings to ensure you have a bluebird house that will go the distance. A luxurious home for your neighborhood bluebirds, this birdhouse has a no perch slanted roof to prevent predators from resting on top, along with a predator guide extending the entrance protecting any young birds who might be peering out to see the world. 

There are air vents at the top of the entrance door and on the bottom of this cedar birdhouse to allow for optimum air ventilation for the bluebird's health and create a safe and healthy environment for nesting. When the season changes and its time to clean the nest box, the hinge close entrance makes it easy to get inside and clean the birdhouse so that its ready and for the next family of birds to come along and nest.

Your bluebird houses should be cleaned at the end of every season. Avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals as it can impact the health of your chirpy visitors (if you do use bleach, use 10 parts water, 1 part bleach and be sure to soak the bird house after cleaning to draw out all chemicals). For a natural cleaning, alternative create a 50/50 mix of boiled water and vinegar, soak the birdhouse and let dry completely before hanging back up outside for visitors. 

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