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Egg Apron - Peck + Collect

Collect your eggs in style!

The peak and collect is our most popular design in the egg apron and is the perfect accessory for the hobby farmer with chickens to help collect your eggs. The apron has 12 individual pockets for your eggs, keeping them safe and protected while you walk around the coop collecting from each individual nesting box. These aprons are designed to fit most adults and children. The straps are extra long, simply wrap the straps around and tie at the back, or wrap twice and tie at the front for a tighter fit. Each egg pocket is jumbo-sized so it can comfortably carry jumbo-sized eggs as well as smaller eggs, keeping them all safe.

Although these are designed for egg collection it is an extremely versatile apron. It's also great for picking and carrying fruit and vegetables from the garden with so many pockets for berries, cherry tomatoes, peas, and other small fruit and veg.

Machine Washable